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Toshiba to increase production of polymer housed surge arresters

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions announced production capacity of polymer housed surge arresters will be nearly tripled by April 2022. This is in line with renewable energy growth and the need for lightning protection.
loadshedding storm

When lightning strikes, have these protective measures in place

An effective lightning protection plan needs to be cost-effective, aesthetically inconspicuous, and protect people and assets to an acceptable level.

Know your earthing and lightning protection best practice

Fundamental best practices have not changed as the principles are still sound: “Avoid lightning by diverting it away from the subjects to be protected”. It is the knowledge that adds value to best practices,...

ELPA delegates attend annual lightning protection industry conference

A delegation from South Africa’s Earthing and Lightning Protection Association (ELPA) recently attended the annual conference of the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI)/United Lightning Protection Association (ULPA) 2018 in Florida in the United States. The...