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REIPPPP localisation

REIPPPP lessons: To build localisation, embrace importation benefits

Though REIPPPP requires localisation to boost the renewable energy sector growth, importation has largely dominated the industry.

Webinar recording: Localising power infrastructure projects within South Africa’s IRP 2019

How does South Africa’s regulatory organs of government and financing institutions intend to maximise the opportunity in a sustainable manner for the South African economy?
nuclear energy

The Big Question: Extending the lifespan of nuclear power plants

Industry experts share their knowledge on the considerations that must be taken into account when extending the lifespan of nuclear power plants.
nuclear technology

Exclusive insights from Lesedi on the future of Nuclear

Exclusive interview with Shane Pereira, business development executive at Lesedi, and an exhibitor at the upcoming African Utility Week in Cape Town from 15-17 May. “Nuclear has a future for sure, it’s a question of...