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National Water Week and World Water Day: are PPPs the solution...

South Africa’s National Water Week kicks off on Monday, 20 March while globally World Water Day is celebrated on Wednesday, 22 March. In the informal...

Video Interview: Harold Hayes, Chief technical Officer at Landis+Gyr

Hayes unpacks the involvement of Landis+Gyr in Africa, which came about when the continent branched out to the smart metering solutions move.

Call for a long range view in the evolution from smart...

[img:Jon%20Stretch.thumbnail.jpg| ]23 August 2012 - Utilities are deploying smart metering not only as tools for exact billing, but as critical sensor infrastructure, says Jon Stretch, executive vice president Europe, Middle East and Africa, Landis+Gyr AG.  

He believes that the current challenges for smart metering and smart grids in Europe are not technical. “The technology is there and ready to be deployed, but rather the challenges are regulatory and political. The liberalised, unbundled energy market in Europe makes the regulators’ job of cost allocation difficult. The beauty of smart metering is that the benefits the technology brings are spread across the value chain – from end-consumers who are finally able to take control of their energy usage to the distribution system operators, who now can see into the last blind mile between the substation and the point of consumption and thus optimise their network operations and investment decisions, all the way to the transmission system operators, generators and even to society as a whole.”

Electricity prepaid metering systems training material

Andrew Rose, managing director of the Write Squad, recently handed over the training toolkit for Landis+Gyr’s Suprima Plus prepaid vending solution to Christian Exenberger, the Landis+Gyr product manager for this product. The training material focuses on helping and guiding utilities’ move towards the more effective and efficient implementation of prepaid vending services.

Many system handovers that take place at a utility focus on the installation and configuration of the system. In addition, training material often falls short of transferring effective knowledge and skills, quite simply because training is not the speciality of systems developers. Often little time is allocated to ensure that different users of different departments can get to grips with the processes and functionality of a new system. This in turn results in capable systems being underutilised and various users requiring support.

Presentation on behalf of Landis+Gyr

Conference: West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC)
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Presenter: Landis+Gyr
Abstract: Presented by Landis+Gyr at West African Power Industry Convention

Advanced metering interoperability specifications for utilities in Europe, Middle East and...

[img:World%20eu_0.jpg| ]25 September 2009 - Meter manufacturers Iskraemeco, Itron and Landis+Gyr have announced the development of interoperability specifications based on the open DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) standard.

The three companies expect the new offering will promote faster and broader deployment of advanced metering management (AMM) devices and services based on open standards, thereby responding to a compelling customer demand.

Landis+Gyr launches Worldwide brand

[img:OReilly_0.jpg|Cameron O’Reilly,
CEO, Landis+Gyr
]01 October 2008 - Bayard Group has integrated its family of business and brands worldwide under the Landis+Gyr name.

As part of merging its family of clean tech businesses, Bayard Group itself has been renamed Landis+Gyr Holdings and its subsidiaries Landis+Gyr, Cellnet+Hunt, Ampy Metering, Ampy+Email, and Enermet will adopt the Landis+Gyr name as the exclusive operating brand.


Landis+Gyr is the global market leader in electricity metering and a front runner in advanced metering. Focussed on quality, precision and reliability, Landis+Gyr offers a complete portfolio of meters, systems and solutions for electricity, heat/cold and gas including complementary services.

Landis+Gyr, founded in 1896 and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, employs 4,000 people in 29 countries all over the world. In business year 2005, the group totalized sales of 495.9 million euro.


Landis+Gyr is a worldwide company which has offices and factories on all major continents.

Landis+Gyr offers a complete range of metering solutions, from credit and prepayment meters to metering systems.  The company's world-leading prepayment metering solutions comprise an extensive range of meters and sophisticated vending software marketed under the brand name Cashpower.
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Jerry Figurilli joins Landis + Gyr as COO


Jerry Figurilli recently assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer at Landis + Gyr, Inc. with responsibility for manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, finance, information technology, marketing and human resources across the company’s North American operations in Lafayette, Indiana and Reynosa, Mexico.

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