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For more than a century, Landis+Gyr has helped the world manage energy better. Our meters and solutions empower utilities and end-customers around the world...
managed services

Managed Services: Utilities’ perceptions investigated

Landis+Gyr undertook research into understanding the value of Managed Services for their utility customers and how receptive utilities are to these solutions.

Smart metering standards and AMI adoption in South Africa

Chief Technical Officer at Landis+Gyr, Harold Hayes, speaks about the journey of metering standards and new requirements for smart metering in South Africa.

Landis+Gyr believes in gender equity and partnerships

According to Godfrey Marema, Chief Operating Officer at Landis+Gyr, approximately 90% of the company’s workforce is women. Watch the video to find out more.
smart energy app

Pushing smarts to the edge: Tap an app

Landis+Gyr's VP of portfolio management notes that consumers and utilities are now discovering that a multitude of functions can be enabled with apps.

‘Meters online’ breathe new life into energy management

Encapsulated in the evolution of the electricity supply industry currently underway are various technology advancements – and at the pinnacle of progress sits the...
Token Identifier rollover

Checklist for your Token Identifier rollover project

Landis+Gyr puts forward a thorough project management checklist in terms of the implications of the Token Identifier rollover on 24 November 2024.

The benefits of the E460 smart prepayment meter range

Dave Tarr, Product Manager at Landis+Gyr, explains the evolution of smart meters after the launch of the E460 smart meter range by Landis+Gyr at the AMEU Convention in 2018.

Realise your energy future

Landis+Gyr seeks to simplify the transformation of the energy sector brought on by digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation.

Grid control: the future of the smart grid

A diversity of renewable energy sources was one of the key factors in the decision to use Freiamt, Germany as a test location for a grid control project.
telecom operators

Modernising the grid for a digital future

The African power sector is poised to embrace digitisation but is hesitant to take the necessary steps, states the chief technology officer at Landis+Gyr...

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