Côte d’Ivoire takes progressive investment step to attract IPPs

Côte d’Ivoire encourages private investments through an agreement with the KfW Development Bank to finance a capital increase in its ATI shareholding.
off-grid Kenyans

Ivory Coast: Electricity regulators index report gains support

AfDB and KfW aim to accelerate implementation of recommendations contained in the 2018 Electricity Regulators Index report for Ivory Coast energy sector.

Malawi makes moves to de-risking renewable energy projects

Malawi has joined a Regional Liquidity Support Facility, an initiative that supports small- and mid-scale renewable energy IPPs reach financial close and to reduce the energy deficit.
GET FiT Mozambique

GET FiT Mozambique begins to gain traction

GET FiT Mozambique is beginning to gain real traction, following a successful stakeholder workshop, which took place earlier this month with a turnout of 100 participants.

Eskom signs loan treaty with KfW to facilitate grid of renewable...

Eskom and KfW, the German Development Bank on behalf of the German government, have signed a $100 million (R1.35 billion) loan facility to support...

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