Just Energy Transition

green business

Green businesses in South Africa get one-stop info hub

Greencape and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom have launched a green business directory aimed at South African businesses.
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Coal sector workers need upskilling for a just energy transition

RES4Africa has recently released a report analysing the reskilling framework necessary for South Africa to achieve a just energy transition away from coal.
Camden Power Station

A different look at revamping Eskom for a just energy transition

Recently released report Eskom Transformed: Achieving a Just Transition for South Africa offers an alternative look at the crises at the utility and possible solutions.
G20 countries: Stimulus packages support legacy energy systems

Research institute concerned about South Africa’s emissions intensity

The University of Cape Town’s Energy Research Cent has issued a report looking into the intensity of emissions in the power sector across the G20 countries.

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