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energy efficiency

IEA: Energy efficiency progress in massive decline due to pandemic

The International Energy Agency’s Energy Efficiency 2020 report says the global rate measuring how efficiently the world’s economic activity is using energy will improve by less than 1% this year, the weakest since 2010.
REIPPPP localisation

REIPPPP lessons: To build localisation, embrace importation benefits

Though REIPPPP requires localisation to boost the renewable energy sector growth, importation has largely dominated the industry.
women in energy mentorship

Mentorship key for career -Women in Energy

Mentoring plays an important role for women in the energy sector who wish to advance their careers.
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou sanitation project reduces number of flood victims

A sub-project for sanitation of the outlying districts of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, has reduced the number of people affected by flooding, according to an AfDB Report.
Skills Gap

Fuelling the skills gap: New critical skills survey

Any discussion about emigration numbers and the skills gap in South Africa is complicated by the fact that there is no official bureau collecting emigration data.
electric vehicles

Turbocharging the expansion of the Spanish EV charging grid

The European Investment Bank EIB and Endesa are collaborating to expand electric mobility in Spain.

Blueprint: Empowering grid-connected areas

Energy 4 Impact shares insights about the economic and social impact of stimulating energy demand in newly electrified villages, east of Tanzania. Here are their stories.

SAB agricultural centre brewing emerging farmers

SAB opened an R80 million agricultural R&D facility to pilot farming techniques, technology and crop varieties to accelerate agricultural in South Africa.

Energy industry to boost jobs while mitigating effects of climate change

Discussion highlights the need for the local energy industry to step-up its rhetoric on economic and job creation that comes with addressing climate change.
Youth Day

Ed’s Note: Young and unemployed in South Africa need motivation

In South Africa in celebration of Youth Day we reflect on the strength of youth in our struggle for democracy, but what of the youth of today?

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