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About JA Solar

JA Solar was founded in 2005. The company’s business ranges from silicon wafers, cells and modules to complete photovoltaic power systems, and its products are sold to over 120 countries and regions. On the...
DeepBlue 3.0 Pro

Product launch: DeepBlue 3.0 Pro introduced to the market

Adopting the new-generation gapless encapsulating technology, the conversion efficiency of JA Solar's DeepBlue 3.0 Pro is as high as 21.7%.
rooftop solar

New rooftop solar PV module tailored for C&I makes a market entrance

JA Solar launched its DeepBlue 3.0 Light high-efficiency rooftop solar PV module tailored for commercial and residential (C&I) installations.
designing tips

Designing tips to make a building solar-friendly

While setting up rooftop solar panels, it is important to consider the best in the market and these four solar-friendly designing tips for your new building.
benefits of using solar energy

Five benefits of using solar energy for a commercial building

JA Solar outlines five benefits of using solar energy at your business premises that are often overlooked when weighing up the project's implementation costs.
solar energy fuel of the future

Solar energy – ‘The fuel of the future’

Solar energy can truly be said to be the fuel of the future. It is abundant and freely available and can cure the world's energy crisis.
Surprising trends influencing solar PV technology

JA Solar recognised as Overall High Achiever in PV Module Index Report 2020 released...

Headline news as JA Solar is recognised as an Overall High Achiever in the PV Module Index Report 2020 (PVMI) recently released by the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC).
solar manufacturing expansion

JA Solar planning new 20GW cell and module manufacturing hub

Solar Module Super League (SMSL) member JA Solar is planning a new manufacturing hub in Qidong Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China.
clean PV solar panels

How to clean your PV solar panels

Over an extended period of time, PV solar panels can lose up to 15-25% of their efficacy if you do not clean them properly.
JA Solar PV module

US agency recognises JA Solar in its PV Module Index Report 2020

JA Solar is one of the three module manufacturers to win this recognition where manufacturers selected as a high achiever by RETC have to tick off all the checkboxes, not just the best in one category.
Single module manufacturing champion

Single module manufacturing champion wins another national honour!

JA Solar Technology won the honour of Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise in the Manufacturing Industry for its main PV modules.