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biofuel kenya

Eni to develop sustainable biofuel value chain in Kenya

To facilitate decarbonisation of processes, Kenya is looking to circular economy initiatives including the recovery, regeneration and reuse of agricultural and food waste in the biofuel industry.
hydrogen glass making Italy

Hydrogen exploration to find a way to decarbonise glass making

A working group of Italian companies are collaborating on how to reduce carbon emissions in the energy-intensive glass making industry through the use of hydrogen.
Tunisia renewable targets

Study into Italy-Tunisia undersea electricity connection starts

A marine feasibility study has started for a proposed 600MW Italy-Tunisia interconnection between the countries electricity grids.
Open Africa Power

Enel Foundation launches 2021 edition of Open Africa Power

The Enel Foundation this week kicked off the Digital African module of Open Africa 2021, the fourth edition of their educational programme.
MoU agreement

Integrating automated temperature alerts into dry-type transformers

Italy-based temperature control relay specialist TECSYSTEM has appointed dry-type transformer supplier Trafo Power Solutions as its distributor in sub-Saharan Africa.

World’s first test with a 30% natural gas/hydrogen blend in steel forging

The world’s first test of a 30% natural gas/hydrogen blend in steel forging was successfully carried out in Italy by a collaboration between Snam, RINA and the GIVA Group.

Italy: Utility employs advanced digital tech to optimise client services

An Australian energy technology company, Power Ledger, has secured a contract with one of Italy’s largest renewable electricity utilities Alperia SpA.