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Modelling Africa’s Continental Power Systems Master Plan

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will partner the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as modelling partner for the development of the African Continental Power Systems Master Plan (CMP).
universal access Botswanaa

Universal access in Botswana is possible says IRENA report

An IRENA assessment finds that short-to-medium term actions in the areas of policy, regulation, risk and investment can create a more conducive environment for renewables development in Botswana.

Wind sector CEOs urge G20 leaders to prioritise renewable energy

CEOs of companies within the wind energy sector, including the South African Wind Energy Association CEO, have written an open letter to G20 member countries urging them to prioritise renewable energy in the face of the global climate crisis.
energy sector job

Change in capital, policy and job energy narrative needed to reach net zero

Forward-looking policies can accelerate the transition, mitigate uncertainties, and ensure maximum benefits of the energy transition according to IRENA’s World Energy Transitions Outlook.
company wins preferred bidder status

New renewable projects cheaper to build and run than coal plants

Renewable energy projects that cost less than the most competitive fossil fuel options doubled in 2020, says a new IRENA report. 162GW, or 62% of total renweable power generation added during 2020 cost less than the cheapest new fossil fuel projects.

IRENA and Morocco collaborating to explore hydrogen economy

IRENA and the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment (MEME) have signed an agreement to actively pursue green hydrogen studies.
tracking sdg 7

A report on tracking SDG 7 identifies Africa as a priority region

Universal access to sustainable energy will remain elusive if the supply of affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy is not expedited to meet the demand. This is especially true for countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
Tunisia renewable targets

Getting Tunisia ready to meet renewables targets by 2030

If Tunisia wants to meet their 30% electricity from renewables by 2030 target, they need new streams of capital to extend credit facilities to the industry, and capacity building among local banks to extend credit facilities to improve local investment conditions.
hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen key to developing a global green economy

Green hydrogen could one day evolve into a global commodity, traded in the same way that gas, oil and coal are. This would strengthen energy security and international trace in a cost- effective way.

China: Creating clean energy corridors by improving grid support

Under the agreement, IRENA and SGCC will conduct joint activities and collaborative studies to enhance the flexible operation of power grids,