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Initiate! Student Impact Challenge programme

Initiate! launched the Student Impact Challenge programme at African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in 2019 with four teams selected from African universities. The objective of this programme is to engage and inspire the...

Introducing the Initiate Young Talent Challenge 2021 winner

The Initiate programme have chosen Kingsley Akpeji, as the winner of their Young Talent Challenge. Initiate is the Enlit Africa hub for start-ups, innovators, postgraduate students and young talent to meet the utility professionals, corporate executives, public sector innovators and investors to discuss, share and pilot ideas.
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Initiate! accelerates talent in Africa’s innovation eco-system

As utilities modernise so too comes the opportunity for the next generation of tech and young talent to play a role in facilitating innovation and change in Africa.

Ed’s note: Engineering, the workhorse of innovation

Since engineering is essential to sustainable development, why do we have insufficient engineers in Africa?
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Career-making opportunities for African energy students and SMMEs

The Initiate Young Talent Challenge will give students the opportunity to represent their university.

Five ways we see Africa’s energy sector evolving

The recent Digital African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa was the perfect opportunity to hone our digital skills to present a virtual conference and the get-together turned into a snapshot of where Africa’s energy sector is at.
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The energy sector as a career option discussed

"If we look at long term growth in Africa, there are so many opportunities.”

Initiate and GreenCape present a digital dialogue supporting green SMMEs

Initiate presents a 3-part webinar series that will aid as a toolkit to assist both young talent and SMMEs within the energy industry.
Initiate Young Talent Challenge 2019 group shot

Initiate Talks: future innovators in energy on crunching data

Interview with two energy innovators and members of the Initiate Young Talent Challenge winning team from Strathmore University.
Initiate Young Talent Challenge 2019 winning team from Strathmore University

Initiate Young Talent Challenge: Innovators in energy talk efficiency

Project Lead for Initiate Africa, Naz Fredericks interviews two members of the Initiate Young Talent Challenge winning team from Strathmore University.