Factors impacting the development of Africa’s infrastructure

The world is eager to do business with Africa, but finds it difficult to access African markets because of poor infrastructure.
electricity supply

Powering Africa’s energy transition will take collective effort

Economic Commission for Africa Executive Secretary Vera Songwe says Africa’s main issue is not energy transition, but energy substitution.

3 reasons heritage impacts our future

The idea of heritage is to know what came before and to give a sense of belonging. It is also about building a future...

Vetting Africa’s infrastructure investment against global markets

In terms of global trends, infrastructure is clearly key for economic growth and to improve people’s lives, according to Ashwin West, investment director at...
infrastructure gap

Private sector urged to close the infrastructure gap in Africa

Kenya’ President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged for the support of bankable projects in energy, transport, ICT, water and sanitation underlining that it provides unprecedented...

Private investment in mega-projects shows signs of recovery

Fifty two developing countries received private investment in infrastructure in 2017, up from 37 in 2016. In addition, 20 mega-projects with an average size...

Op-Ed: A Nairobi dream

Heleen Goussard, Head: Unlisted Investment Services, describes her experience of the current business market in Nairobi, Kenya where infrastructure and transport takes the discussion...

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