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Introducing ‘climate-smart’ mining on the road to Industry 4.0

Reducing our carbon footprint to mitigate the impact of climate change, as outlined in international treaties like the Paris Agreement and accelerating the journey to the all-electric mine, is a business priority for many mining companies and their customers.
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South Africans urged to conserve energy

As May marks National Energy Month in South Africa, the government uses this time to urge all citizens to conserve energy.
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Plastics industry displays plant optimisation

By Dr Robin Kent, the Founder and Managing Director of Tangram Technology, UK In the plastics industry, automation is advancing rapidly where the general concept of Industry 4.0 is fast being implemented to allow data...

African Power & Energy Elites 2019 | Preface

INDUSTRY 4.0 – TIME TO LEAP ON BOARD! This article first appeared in The African Power & Energy Elites, 2019. You can read the full digital magazine here, or subscribe here to receive a print copy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has...