India sees a decline in coal-fired power project pipeline

In the last 12 months to January 2020, 46GW of India's coal-fired power projects were formally or informally cancelled, leaving 37GW under construction.
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Glance into the lives of people living with energy poverty

The impact of energy poverty on health, economic and social wellbeing is far more severe for people living in India, Indonesia, Peru and Kenya.

GOGLA: Solar home systems proves hit in India

A recently released report by GOGLA, the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry, has established the huge positive impact of Solar Home Systems (SHS) on livelihoods in India.

Siemens to buy India’s C&S Electric for $294m

Siemens has signed a deal to acquire C&S Electric, one of India’s leading providers of electric equipment for power generation, T&D and infrastructure.
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Shining the spotlight on the success of India’s energy policies

A new report lauds India’s energy policies, highlighting that the South Asian country has avoided 15% of additional energy demand.

Siemens to equip an Indian coal plant with digital twin solutions

Siemens will install a complete thermal twin for the plant in Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh, which is owned by Lalitpur Power Generation Company Limited.
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Indian electricity distributor to trial P2P solar trading

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited is the first electricity distributor in India to use Power Ledger’s technology to trial P2P solar trading.
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India-Pakistan border earmarked for mega renewable projects

The construction of large-scale renewable energy projects could be undertaken on the India-Pakistan border after conclusion of feasibility studies.

New deals to foster R&D of next-generation tech

ExxonMobil has signed deals with Indian Institutes of Technology in Madras and Bombay on research and development of lower-emissions energy technologies.

New venture to install 250m AMI meters in India

A new partnership has been created to install more than 250 million smart electric meters and increase utility revenue by $15.4 million across India.

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