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Sub-Saharan African economies lagging behind rest of world

The IMF’s latest regional outlook report for Sub-Saharan Africa suggests a positive economic growth trajectory over the next year, but one which lags behind other regions in the world.
MENA RE growth

How SOEs could generate inclusive growth in MENA region

The sizable state-owned enterprise (SOE) footprint across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia (ME&CA) region, together with its cost to the government, calls for revisiting the sector to help open the fiscal space.

Wind sector CEOs urge G20 leaders to prioritise renewable energy

CEOs of companies within the wind energy sector, including the South African Wind Energy Association CEO, have written an open letter to G20 member countries urging them to prioritise renewable energy in the face of the global climate crisis.
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Nigeria Electrification Project all in on decentralisation

Nigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund (NIDF) will finance Chapel Hill Denham N1.8billion to construct 22 minigrids under the Nigeria Electrification Project. NIDF will provide Havenhill long-term financing of $4,7million (N1.8billion) to part-finance the roll out of...

World Bank and IMF help to soften the blow of COVID-19 in Africa

"This pandemic has already had a devastating impact on Africa and its effects will deepen as the rate of infection rises," South African Cyril Ramaphosa.

3 reasons for South Africa to reject Grand Inga 3 project

The South African government signed a treaty in 2014, in which it pledged to buy 2,500MW of hydropower per year once the Grand Inga 3 project comes online by 2030.