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BEDC Nigeria

BEDC begins mass disconnection of illegal consumers in Nigeria

BEDC Electricity Plc (BEDC) has begun a major network clean up exercise which entails mass disconnection of illegal consumers and those with other infractions that could hinder its smooth operation.
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Namibia: Nored struggles with illegal connections and nonpayment

The Northern Regional Electricity Distributor (Nored) in Namibia is facing financial constraints as a result of illegal electricity connections and customers not honouring their monthly bills on time.
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Meter tampering dangerous and illegal – Eskom

South African power utility Eskom has released a statement cautioning users to refrain from tampering with electric meters as it is both dangerous and illegal.

Eskom teams up with police to restore electricity supply in Gauteng

The Gauteng Provincial Government will work with Eskom to deal with the problems of ongoing disruptions in the supply of electricity in the province.

Liberia: New taskforce to handle illegal electricity connections

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has announced the establishment of a new task force aimed at reducing losses on the corporation’s network. The local news agency, New Liberia, cited a company statement: “We want to...
electricity theft

Outages caused by illegal activity, warns Eskom

In an effort to reduce electricity-related injuries, fatalities, and economic crisis, while ensuring continuous supply of electricity, Eskom warns the public against infrastructure and electricity theft that includes illegal electricity connections. The national power utility...
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Kenya Power cracks down on illegal connections in Tassia Estate

On Wednesday, Kenya Power disconnected electricity supply to more than 20 flats in Nairobi’s Tassia Estate in an operation aimed at stamping out illegal electricity connections. The operation was carried out by a team comprising...