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Lagos State enters MoA to provide citizens with uninterrupted power

Low-income areas have been identified for a pilot phase of 20,000 meters in an agreement signed between the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Lagos State, Nigeria, Ikeja Electric and Sahara Power Group.

Ikeja Electric to reward whistle blowers about energy theft

Nigeria's electricity distributor Ikeja Electric has introduced incentives for whistle blowers who report on meter tampering and energy thieves within its network.
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Nigeria’s Ikeja Electric commended for embracing technology

The Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has commended Ikeja Electric for taking the lead in embracing technology.
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Ikeja Electric celebrates one-year anniversary of bilateral power

Nigeria’s Ikeja Electric is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its willing buyer, willing seller initiative, reporting a resounding success for customers and the disco.
Kenya Power improves customer service.

Ikeja Electric adopts WhatsApp to improve customer service

Nigeria’s power distribution company Ikeja Electric, has unveiled a WhatsApp messaging solution, which offers real-time customers complaints resolution.
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Nigeria’s Ikeja Electric records over 120,000 meter installations

In line with its commitment to bridging the metering gap in Nigeria, Ikeja Electric says it has metered over 120,000 households between 2018 and June 2020.
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Ikeja Electric, Nigeria’s first utility to earn ISO accreditation

Ikeja Electric has added to its scorecard by becoming Nigeria's first and only company in the sector to earn the latest ISO accreditation.

Ikeja Electric suspends disconnection activities during lockdown

Ikeja Electric will not be disconnecting its customers during the lockdown period enforced by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19.
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Nigeria: Ikeja Electric appoints acting CEO

Electricity distribution company Ikeja Electric announced the appointment of Folake Soetan as its acting chief executive officer, effective 2 March 2020.
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Ikeja Electric plans to refund its customers for pre-paid meters

Ikeja Electric says it is designing a proposal to refund its customers for pre-paid meters procured under the ongoing Meter Assets Provider scheme.