Hydropower Sustainability Fund open for applications until May 2021

The Hydropower Sustainability ESG Assessment Fund will award a total of $1.02 million to 40 or more hydropower projects over four years.
$15m earmarked for clean energy generation in sub-Saharan Africa

The role of sustainable hydropower in the world’s green recovery

Are we moving quickly enough to build the hydropower capacity needed to support the energy transition? The answer is no, according to experts.
Hydropower partnership

Hydropower sector to strengthen through IRENA and IHA partnership

While hydropower will continue to play an essential role in global electricity, its flexibility and storage capabilities are also important to complement variable renewables.

Sustainability pioneer to chair hydropower sustainability council

Dr Ashok Khosla, has been appointed as independent chair of the global council that governs sustainability guidance for hydropower.
Renewables industry urge governments to scale-up climate action

Renewables industry urges governments to scale-up climate action

Over 100 leading renewable energy players are members of the IRENA Coalition for Action urging governments to scale-up climate action.
Global sustainability standard for hydropower on the cards

Global sustainability standard for hydropower on the cards

IHA has published a consultation paper on the development of a global sustainability standard for hydropower. Public consultation open until 8 February 2021
Kaptis hydropower

International stakeholders address urgency of pumped storage hydropower

The International Hydropower Association and the US Department of Energy are leading an international forum on pumped storage hydropower.

IHA’s new training academy to advance sustainable hydropower

The International Hydropower Association's new training academy will expand and improve knowledge in hydropower sustainability.
IHA investments

Hydropower is vital to the clean energy transition

The 2020 World Energy Outlook recognises the critical role of renewable and flexible hydropower in helping countries to meet climate goals.
Report: Gas and renewables will accelerate the energy transition

International Renewable Energy Alliance pushing for green recovery

The International Renewable Energy Alliance's statement sets out policy priorities for a green recovery involving accelerated clean energy deployment.

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