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Predictions 2021: Part one, ‘Hydrogen can unlock untapped renewables’

Hydrogen technology can unlock a large amount of untapped renewable energy in Africa, says Ifeoma Malo, CEO of Clean Tech Hub, in her predictions for 2021 and beyond.
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Impala Platinum invests in a fund for hydrogen energy

Baker McKenzie has advised Implats on its investment into a fund that focuses on companies developing sustainable hydrogen energy.

India’s opportunity to exploit the growing green hydrogen market

Green hydrogen is expected to start becoming cost competitive with hydrogen from fossil fuels in India by 2030, finds a new report from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).
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IRENA thrusts green hydrogen as a cost-competitive climate solution

A combination of falling costs for solar and wind power, improved performance as well as economies of scale for electrolysers could make it possible for a green hydrogen future.
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Digital Energy Festival: The good vibes continued in week 3…

Overheard at the Digital Energy Festival: "The world is clearly embracing hydrogen as a clean energy source in order to decarbonise traditionally carbon-heavy sectors."
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After renewables, hydrogen is the next logical step for Africa

Africa’s readiness to embrace green hydrogen was a key topic discussed in a recent Digital Energy Festival webinar.

South Africa urged to exploit hydrogen to become an energy exporter

South Africa is in an extraordinary position to revolutionise its own economy and supply green hydrogen to the world, according to a report from PwC.

For net-zero to happen, the whole world must change

Transforming solely the power sector only gets the world one-third of the way to net-zero emissions says a new International Energy Agency report, emphasising the need for greater efforts in other key sectors.
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Energy storage: South Africa’s new ‘gold rush’

To understand where the energy storage market opportunities will present themselves, we must first explore how it will change the value chain.

Exploring hydrogen resources in Africa gains momentum

Germany and Nigeria have agreed to establish a hydrogen exploration partnership that will benefit West Africa.

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