Enlit Africa hydrogen and LPG sessions

Hydrogen and LPG as alternative resources as net zero deadlines approach

"Africa could become a net exporter of energy, particularly in terms of green hydrogen development".

Ed’s note: The 5Ds, according to Africa and global stakeholders

Using an engaging platform, Enlit Africa asked the audience to take a poll on which of the 5Ds they believe is the most important in achieving our energy transition.
Natural gas supply

South Africa braces for the gas revolution

South Africa is in dire need of secure energy access, coupled with a clear pathway to decarbonisation.
Morocco flag

Letter of Intent in support of just energy transition in Morocco...

RES4Africa Foundation and Cluster Solaire signed a Letter of Intent to deepen their collaboration in the promotion of renewable energy solutions in Morocco.
EWSETA hydrogen

EWSETA to bolster much needed skills in SA’s hydrogen roadmap

The Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA) together with key stakeholders are geared to guide innovation and upskilling as part of ensuring that South Africa’s hydrogen potential is realised.
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Ed’s note: Your colleagues share their views on a new dawn...

What are the adventurous industry specialists talking about ahead of gathering at the Enlit Africa digital event taking place on 8-10 June?

Hydrogen key to developing a global green economy

Green hydrogen could one day evolve into a global commodity, traded in the same way that gas, oil and coal are. This would strengthen energy security and international trace in a cost- effective way.
Enlit Africa 2021 keynote

Hydrogen, finance and climate change in focus at high-level Enlit Africa

“Hydrogen, specifically green and blue, has the potential to considerably accelerate sub-Saharan Africa’s electrification rate."

World’s first test with a 30% natural gas/hydrogen blend in steel...

The world’s first test of a 30% natural gas/hydrogen blend in steel forging was successfully carried out in Italy by a collaboration between Snam, RINA and the GIVA Group.

Dubai inaugurates first solar powered hydrogen project

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum has inaugurated the Green Hydrogen project at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai.

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