South Africa urged to exploit hydrogen to become an energy exporter

South Africa is in an extraordinary position to revolutionise its own economy and supply green hydrogen to the world, according to a report from PwC.

For net-zero to happen, the whole world must change

Transforming solely the power sector only gets the world one-third of the way to net-zero emissions says a new International Energy Agency report, emphasising the need for greater efforts in other key sectors.
energy storage

Energy storage: South Africa’s new ‘gold rush’

To understand where the energy storage market opportunities will present themselves, we must first explore how it will change the value chain.

Exploring hydrogen resources in Africa gains momentum

Germany and Nigeria have agreed to establish a hydrogen exploration partnership that will benefit West Africa.
hydrogen model

South African fuel cell technology company to be developed

The DBSA and the IDC have committed project development funding to create a South African stationary fuel cell technology business.
hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel cell systems to power field hospital and rural areas

In collaboration with the private sector, a South African government-led hydrogen fuel cell initiative will serve as alternative energy sources to the country's electricity grid.
BP net zero plans

Oil and gas giant BP spells out net zero plans

Oil and gas giant BP have laid out the first detailed steps in their ambitious plan to attain a net zero position by 2050.

Green hydrogen ideal for energy-intensive users, says wind industry

The economic and energy benefits of green hydrogen, is one of the many prospects discussed during the recent South African Wind Energy Association’s webinar.
hydrogen decarbonisation

HVDC, green hydrogen can drive cost-effective decarbonisation – report

To achieve decarbonisation cost-effectively, a report examines renewable energy carriers and new zero-carbon energy supply chains such as hydrogen and HVDC.

Japan launches the largest-class hydrogen production unit

A Japanese consortium has launched the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R), a renewable energy-powered 10MW-class hydrogen production unit, the largest-class in the world.

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