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ABSA EPC Hand-over

Absa awarded EPC certificate for complying with new regulations

Absa has been awarded an EPC certificate verifying its above-average performance and compliance with South Africa’s new energy performance regulations for buildings.
smart city

Smart city: Automation of electrical and mechanical building systems

What makes a building ‘smart’ is the vast amount of data generated by buildings, which effectively transforms them into iterative learning loops writes writes Yuri Ramsamy, the product marketing specialist building products at ABB.
Chilling Prospects 2021

Chilling Prospects 2021: report tracks access to cooling issues

The Chilling Prospects 2021 report produced by SE4ALL reveals that while solutions are being piloted in different, global cooling access risks are on the rise.
Chilling Prospects 2021

South Africa: New learnership programme for HVAC skills development

The Johnson Controls learnership programme is offering an opportunity for young people in underprivileged communities to gain HVAC skills, thus increasing the skills pool in South Africa.
energy efficiency behavioural change

10 sustainable cooling trends in Africa for 2020

Many of Africa's top cooling trends and efforts are being supported by international groups such as the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program, SEforALL and the UN’s U4E.
food cold chains

New report: Food cold chains urgently need to reduce emissions

According to Dan Hamza-Goodacre, non-executive director at the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme, net-zero compatible cold chain solutions have the potential to ’bend the curve’ on greenhouse gas emissions.
chilling prospects

Chilling prospects for over 1bn people at risk from lack of cooling access

The Chilling Prospects Tracking Sustainable Cooling for All 2020 report looked at 54 countries finding 1.02bn people lack cooling access and remain at risk.

Rwandan cold chain centre of excellence steps up cooling strategy

A new African Centre of Excellence for sustainable cooling and the cold chain in Kigali will help reduce food waste, boost profits and create jobs.

Turkish HVAC-R trade delegation heads to South Africa

The Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association will lead a trade delegation to South Africa next month to build on growing trade links with the country.

World Bank tackles cooling solutions in developing countries

New programme underway to accelerate the uptake of cooling solutions, including air conditioning, refrigeration and cold chain in developing countries.