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Huawei commits to a greener and more sustainable future

Huawei has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring that innovation enables sustainable development and building a greener, intelligent world. At a recent forum hosted by the telecommunications giant, Huawei Chairman, Liang Hua highlighted the organisations commitment.

5G could cut global emissions by half a billion tonnes

According to new research findings, a fast rollout of 5G technology could reduce global carbon emissions by half a billion tonnes.

Exploring the age of wireless power with IoT

Anti-interference, low latency, low power consumption and easy evolution eLTE-DSA explores the age of wireless power IoT. By Wei Ke-Tai, Huawei Enterprise Wireless Marketing Support Department In our current and ongoing technology and industrial revolution, combined...

Micro-grid solar solution promotes increased electrification

How can the micro-grid solar solution realise electrification in regions without power supply? By Long Sheng, Huawei Inverter Marketing Support Department The electrification revolution, which began in the 1860s, completely changed the way people live and...
carbon tax Bill

SolarEdge and Huawei battle out patent infringement lawsuit

In response to a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Israel-based solar PV inverter manufacturer SolarEdge, Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei responded claiming there is no infringement and that it would “defend its rights vigorously”. However, today...
smart grids

Smart grids to present $17.6bn opportunity in MENA region

Smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group forecasts smart grid investments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to reach $17.6 billion from 2018 to 2027. Driving increases in smart grid investments during the...