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Beijing Winter Olympics to be powered by pumped storage plant

The State Grid Corporation of China has announced the operation of the Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station that will ensure the Beijing Winter Olympics are green.
Eskom hybrid warfare

Is South Africa’s Eskom the victim of hybrid warfare?

Hybrid warfare lives in the grey zone between peace and war. There is a growing trend where nation’s vulnerabilities are being targeted including the national power grid and its critical infrastructure. Some believe this to be the case when it comes to recent alleged sabotage at Eskom.
electricity grid

Grid challenges a massive obstacle to Africa’s access to energy

RES4Africa and PwC have released a new study Private Sector Participation in African Grid Development. The study identifies underfinancing, inefficiency and insufficient extension of electricity grids as the main obstacles to Africa’s access to energy.
li-ion batteries battery performance

Africa moving up the EV battery value chain

An added benefit of electric vehicles (EVs) is that these climate-friendly cars can assist the electricity grid as a distributed energy resource, by making use of the large battery packs in the vehicle, going...

Breaking down the breakdown of South Africa’s grid and its stability

With the threat of loadshedding an ever constant reality for South Africans, unpacking the stability of the national grid is an important exercise. Thinus Booysen and Arnold Rix break down what the power grid is and what keeps it stable- or not.

Virtualising national T&D grid to promote the energy transition

In efforts to accelerate South Africa's energy transition, Distributed Power Africa (DPA) is working with X (formerly known as Google X), Alphabet’s moonshot factory, to virtualise the country’s electricity grid.
power line egypt

Power line connection takes shape between Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Utilities have awarded a tender for the construction of the first large-scale HVDC power line that will connect Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Crowd-based global solar leasing platform secures $2.5m funding

Crowd-based global solar leasing platform, Sun Exchange, has secured $2.5 million in the form of a convertible note from ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited’s Africa Renewable Power Fund (ARPF).

Tender: GRTE in Algeria seeks US companies for technical services

Algérienne de Gestion du Réseau de Transport de l’Electricité (GRTE) is seeking the technical assistance of United States based firms to provide expert consulting services and to perform technical assistance.
Nigeria: Billions budgeted to try and fix the power sector crisis

Nigeria: Meter manufacture calls for decentralised national grid

"Why do we continue to have a single grid that binds all of us together?" asks the Chairman of Momas Electricity Meter Manufacturing Company in Nigeria, Kola Balogun.