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solar and battery storage

Tender: EOI for 390MW solar project with 200MW battery storage in...

Pan-African infrastructure developer Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (Arise IIP), working in partnership with the Republic of Togo’s government, has issued a call for expressions of interest for a large-scale solar-plus-storage project.

Roundtable 18 August: Power system resilience in West Africa

The ability of the national grid to recovery quickly from a number of threats – both natural and manmade – is a key indicator of the transition toward a new energy dynamic.
Twaake 2.0 Umeme Uganda Power for All

Ed’s note: How to make a minigrid business model fit for...

The minigrid business model – as fitting as it is in its endeavour to provide clean power – alone is not a best-case solution.
risk mitigation

Bringing renewables to the grid to unite African system operators

Successfully bringing renewable energy sources into an originally coal-powered grid system is a conundrum facing power system operators around the world.
biomass palm trees

Côte d’Ivoire to get Africa’s first grid tied biomass power plant

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) and Proparco will finance a biomass power plant with grid injection in Africa in Côte d’Ivoire in a first for the continent.
Vuyo Matiwane

VUYO MATIWANE on drawing South Africa’s wind and solar map

In an exclusive interview, Vuyo Matiwane, grid manager at BTE Renewables, shares that testing and commissioning can be a challenging time as it is the most critical part of the project.
power distribution

Future power distribution networks can be dynamic

As the generation, transmission and distribution network evolves so too do manufacturing considerations and therefore medium voltage cabling requirements.
modelling resilient distribution networks

Simulating and modelling resilient distribution networks with precision and speed

Distribution engineers and planners responsible for keeping the network stable and resilient must now consider factors such as reverse power flow, fluctuations, and integrations.
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Webinar 22 June: Lessons learned from mining minigrids to national grids

The experience of mines in Africa who are building hybrid minigrids for own use, could point the way towards decarbonisation of energy systems.

RES4Africa’s survey analyses investment risk in renewable energy

RES4Africa Foundation released a new survey Assessing Investment Risk in Renewable Energy, the survey analyses investors’ views concerning risks and barriers in 7 North-African countries.

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