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earth day

Everyone investing in energy to power Earth Day 2022

The organisers of Earth Day have announced that the theme for Earth Day 2022 will be “Invest In Our Planet”.
The ins and outs of green hydrogen and why it matters

The ins and outs of green hydrogen and why it matters, an expert explains

Dr Emanuele Taibi, Head of the Power Sector Transformation Strategies at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) answers some questions and explains what green hydrogen is and how it could pave the way towards net zero emissions.
Foot-powered washing machine by South African wins big

Foot-powered washing machine a big win for green living

South African student, Kai Goodall’s foot-powered Pedal n Spin washing machine has won the RS Components International People.Planet.Product Student Design Challenge.
green hydrogen technology

New partnership aims to commercialise hydrogen technology in Africa

The African Hydrogen Partnership has announced its 14 members with the commercialisation of hydrogen technology in Africa as a key focus.
green technologies

COP26: Green technologies crucial in the fight against climate change

IDTechEx examines three crucial technologies in the fight against climate change that saw advancements during this year’s COP proceedings.
South Africa

Just energy transition partnership with South Africa announced at COP26

Leaders from South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany and the European Union have announced a ground-breaking partnership to support South Africa with an accelerated just energy transition.

CTOs from leading aviation companies call for sustainable aviation

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of seven of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers have released a joint statement reaffirming their commitment to achieving more sustainable aviation.
energy efficiency

Energy efficiency service providers: A solution to going green

One of the biggest barriers to wider adoption of energy efficient technology is the capital outlay required to purchase, install and maintain these systems.

Atlantis Special Economic Zone for Green Technologies gaining momentum

The recent designation of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for Green Technologies in Cape Town, is providing further momentum to community and business development activities in Atlantis.