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The Grand Inga Project: Green hydrogen, equity and ethics

Australian company Fortescue Metals Group's plans to develop Inga for green hydrogen exports brings the Grand Inga hydropower project's vision closer to reality.
DRC: A change of perspective on Africa's problem child

DRC: A change of perspective on Africa’s problem child

Currently under 20% of the population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has access to electricity, states the World Bank.
Grand Inga

Ed’s note: Africa’s grand hydropower scheme enters a ‘Dragon’s Den’

The latest news on the world’s largest hydropower scheme is that the DRC is determined to move ahead with the Grand Inga project.

Ed’s note: Hydropower race continues in full force

Africa’s mammoth hydropower project, the Grand Inga Dam, is back in the news. Its story, which began more than six decades ago, continues to raise hackles.
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam under construction. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ethiopia

Evaluating Africa’s largest hydropower projects

Africa’s planned hydropower potential holds nearly 27GW of electricity; however, each project must traverse complex social and environmental challenges, coupled with the economics of post colonialism, writes Ruth Krüger, an independent researcher at the...