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Gov accepts report clearing allegations levelled against Eskom CEO

Sit-down with Eskom’s de Ruyter in October

During the keynote session in October this year, the Eskom GCE will give more insight into the power utility's COP26 journey and the anticipated outcomes.
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Roundtable: Climate finance – adaptation and mitigation

Compounding climate challenges, COVID-19 has introduced multiple, intersecting systemic shocks, and one of its casualties has been the capacity to adapt and respond to escalating climate risks.
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GOGLA’s position on VAT for off-grid solar products in Kenya

GOGLA’s position on the introduction of VAT on off-grid solar products in Kenya is that it will erode the progress made towards universal energy access.

GOGLA: Solar home systems proves hit in India

A recently released report by GOGLA, the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry, has established the huge positive impact of Solar Home Systems (SHS) on livelihoods in India.