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Power generation capacity of Nigerian food company to be modernised

Flour Mills Nigeria, Nigeria’s oldest and largest food and agro-allied company, has set out to modernise, extend and improve power generation for their captive power plant.
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Caterpillar introduces diesel generator sets the global market

The generators can be equipped with remote asset monitoring to provide data visualisation,and alerts that are globally accessible through an easy-to-use web interface.
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Analysis of why the power generators market lags in Africa

In developing Africa, industries do not need large yet affordable power generators alone, but generators that are reliable and portable. If accurately tapped, the market offers opportunities for generator manufacturers and end-users alike.
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Containerised energy solution boost hospital’s back-up supply

A generator set installation at a Cape Town private hospital will soon be commissioned providing a plug-and-play energy solution with high reliability.

Renewables spark growth of temporary power market

The temporary power market is expected to realise over 6% CAGR through 2026, and renewable energy resources is a key influencing factor.

Nigerian genset market to record 4.1% growth

The Nigerian diesel genset market will record a 4.1% growth between 2019 and 2024 - report

Kenya: Request for the provision of generators

The Wajir Water and Sewerage Company (WAJWASCO) hereby invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply and installation of generators.

Rwanda Correctional Service seeks to acquire generators

The Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) has received funds from the government of Rwanda towards the supply of generators for RCS Training School 2018-2019. The RCS invites qualified bidders to submit bids for the above mentioned...

Cameroon gov invites bids for the supply of 13KVA generators

Deadline: 24 September 2018 at 10:00 am (local time) As part of the ongoing modernisation and search for the performance of its services, the Director General of the Public Procurement Regulatory Agency has launched a notice...