Natural gas

Why mines should consider natural gas as an energy source

As the mining sector continuously strives to meet its growing energy demand, why is it that only 4% of South Africa’s total energy is sourced from natural gas?

Gas Megahub project to ease cross-border link projects with neighbours

Equatorial Guinea’s Gas Megahub project aims to develop several offshore gas hubs and monetise neighbouring gas reserves.

IRP2019 making hay from coal while the sun shines

The IRP2019 supports a diverse energy mix and sets out nine policy interventions to ensure the security of South Africa’s electricity supply industry.

Australian mining company integrates PV with gas to power its operations

EDL has switched on its 23MW power station that integrates renewable photovoltaic solar with gas and diesel generation to power Gold Fields’ Agnew Gold Mine.
Natural gas

US financier supports gas infrastructure development in South Africa

The US International Development Finance Corporation has approved $40 million loan to Tetra4 Proprietary to support the development of critical gas infrastructure in South Africa.

Rolls-Royce signs a deal for the supply of gas-powered gensets

Rolls-Royce sealed a contract of cooperation with 2G Energy, the contract covers the mutual supply of gas-powered gensets.
energy future

Why Africa’s energy future matters to the world

Africa Energy Outlook 2019 finds that current policy and investment plans in African countries are not enough to meet the energy future needs.

African countries tout their oil and gas investment opportunities

Several African countries have used the Africa Oil Week event to promote their oil and gas sectors to a global audience of key stakeholders.
petroleum deals

Revision of the Gas Act will aid the planned LNG hub...

Speaking at the Africa Oil Week, Gwede Mantashe said South Africa intends to establish the first LNG hub in the Coega Industrial Development zone.

Mozambique entice global investors with scale of LNG opportunity

National Hydrocarbons Company of Mozambique will launch Mozambique’s national global energy trading business, ENH Trading International.

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