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gas flaring

Is gas right answer to Africa’s baseload power search?

A recent report into fossil fuel extraction pointed out the industry plans to sink $230 billion into developing new gas and oil projects in Africa across the next decade. And, that figure ramps up to $1,4trillion by 2050.
LPG gas for energy transition

Company to invest in LPG to boost African energy transition

The Sahara Group will invest over $1 billion to enhance access to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Africa and emerging economies in a bid to boost the energy transition on the continent.
Independent power projects nigeria

Resilience the key to successful independent power projects in Nigeria

Three major and interconnected challenges exist for IPP projects, namely the fragile T&D infrastructure, the ambitious yet incomplete energy reforms, and securing access to long-term international project financing. 
cement producer nigeria

Cement producer renews O&M agreement for its Nigerian power plant

Wärtsilä and Lafarge Africa have signed an extended 5-year long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement, which includes the cement producer's Ewekoro power plant.
Equatorial Guinea Gas Mega Hub

Equatorial Guinea consolidates position as regional gas leader with Gas Mega Hub

Equatorial Guinea’s Gas Mega Hub has established an effective cross-border gas strategy, laying the foundation for large-scale gas commercialisation and driving industrial development and economic growth in the process.
LNG market recovery

LNG market recovery post-COVID-19: What’s next?

Commentary: Transformation of the LNG contractual structure vis-à-vis the growing share of spot and short-term trading and multilateral trading schemes is leading to increased market volatility.
climate change

Tracking countries climate action IRL shows needle isn’t moving

Momentum to update 2030 targets for climate action has stalled since May, with no major emitters releasing stronger climate targets, says a new analysis released today by Climate Action Tracker.
LPG gas for energy transition

AIIM acquires LPG distributor Sodigaz, broadens energy portfolio

AIIM acquires LPG distributor Sodigaz, making bottled gas a part of AIIM’s distributed energy investment strategy.
gas demand

Twin City power project ready to deliver reliable power to Ghana

Using 33 mscfd of local natural gas supply as its primary fuel, the 200MW dual-fuel combined cycle Twin City Energy generation facility will deliver baseload power to Ghana.
Short-term analysis of the global gas market amid COVID-19

Developing SA’s gas potential requires multiple lines of enquiry

Sasol and the Central Energy Fund (CEF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly accelerate the development of gas solutions in South Africa.