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Germany to invest $134.5m to SEFA to drive Africa’s RE transition

To affirm commitment in Africa's renewable energy potential, the German government has given a cash injection to the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa,.
climate carbon emissions

World way off track to meet climate goals says UN chief

With less than 100 days before COP26 in Glasgow, G20 ministers could not agree on the wording of key climate change commitments during their Ministerial Meeting on Environment, Climate and Energy.

Brown to Green emissions report released, SA not measuring up

The Brown to Green emissions Report published by the Climate Transparency partnership states that ghg in South Africa have increased by 39% since 1990.
energy efficiency

The Big Question | How to achieve high levels of energy efficiency rates

Energy efficiency sits at the centre of achieving the ambitions set out in the Nationally Determined Contributions announced as part of the Paris Agreement at COP21.