Lithuania explores remote purchasing of solar energy

Lithuania’s solar scene has achieved another milestone in solar energy generation by presenting a remote solar consumer platform to its residents.
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Change in venture capital funding encourages growth of fintech startups

Analysis of the market reveals how various fintech companies are trying to expand as the sector is stabilising and maturing.
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Bahrain: First Bank in MENA provides open banking services

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has this week taken a lead role in evolving the banking industry in the region, by adopting technologies that enable it to deliver new open banking services to its customers.

FinTech has the potential to leapfrog Africa’s economic growth

FinTech is increasingly receiving attention from both private and public sector allowing African nations to leapfrog more traditional infrastructure.

Blockchain to shape trends in energy trading

The recent trends in the energy industry such as the rise in prosumerism and increasing deployment of smart meters have resulted in...

Alphabit injects funds into local solar development projects

South African-based solar micro-leasing marketplace provider Sun Exchange, has received a $500,000 seed investment from Alphabit, a multi-million dollar hedge fund. The investment highlights Alphabit’s support of...

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: FinTech | Renewable Energy

Free webcast on demand The renewable energy market, primed with unique on- and off-grid solutions, is uniquely positioned for innovation in the form of FinTech...

Innovative FinTech tool introduced to the SA marketplace

This week in South Africa, the FinTech marketplace was introduced to a first-of-a-kind Solar Project Insurance Fund (SPIF) aimed at minimising the financial risk...

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