European utilities face relatively minor short-term economic and financial consequences from the Covid-19 pandemic beyond the constraints on employees from lockdowns and sickness, says Scope Ratings.
Ample stockpiles of gas globally mean that Europe has finally become a key market for LNG, delegates were told at the European Gas Conference in Vienna.
Europe is moving towards an increasingly sustainable future driven by the energy transition, according to a new report titled Just E-volution 2030.
Germany is expected to drive capacity growth in Europe’s LNG regasification industry from planned and new-build projects during the period 2019 to 2023.
In an innovative circular economy move, an EU funded programme aims to capture the power of waste heat from Europe’s towns and cities.
The South Africa EV market has seen only about 1,000 EVs being sold since 2015 – the pace being much slower than markets in Europe and China.
Elon Musk is the name that comes to mind when we talk about EVs and Europe, China and America are unquestionably the leaders of this transition. But Central and South...
Exclusive interview with Dr Marcus Cornaro, EU Ambassador to South Africa. The EU pavilion at this year’s African Utility Week will host 15 SMEs that are beneficiaries of the...
Adopted by the European Parliament and Council on 27 April 2016, and after a two-year transition period, the General Data and Protection Act (GDPR) is a regulatory framework which...