environmental product declaration certificate

UL awards Trina Solar with environmental product declaration certificate

The environmental product declaration certificate discloses products' life cycle environmental impact and helps PV plant owners and investors to identify sustainable products.
water desalination

Water security from desalination: A story of technology innovation

While not all water desalination plants produce at the same efficiency levels, there are some incredibly positive examples of new technology.
air pollution

Eskom faces criminal charges over air pollution at Kendal Power Station

Minister of environment, forestry and fisheries in South Africa to prosecute Eskom over Kendal Power station air pollution

Ready to trade but doing it differently

The world revolves around trade. It’s always been the case – from the first micro barter system to the highly complex and...
Rockefeller Foundation pledges $1bn for green recovery

Evaluating environmental performance reporting using hybrid metrics

Despite the adoption of environmental impact reporting, it is still difficult for investors to understand the actual financial benefits.
DEFF environmental assessments

DEFF denies environmental assessments will be scrapped

In response to concerns that environmental assessments will be scrapped, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries has issued a statement to clarify information.
environmental assessments

Environmental assessments to be scrapped in South Africa

Large-scale projects for the roll-out of gas, electricity, water, solar and other infrastructure projects will be given exemption from the need for environmental authorisation.
Eskom notes that in the financial year ended March 2020 - it experienced significant operational and financial challenges, resulting in Stage 6 loadshedding.

Eskom to address environmental breaches at Kendal Power Station

South Africa’s power utility, Eskom, last week acknowledged the environmental breaches emanating from its operation of the coal-fired Kendal power station.
water master plan

Environmental framework bill must be revived states law firm

In South Africa, the NEMLAA4 Bill is vitally important to the evolving environmental framework and the strengthening of the One Environmental System.
Amazon Rainforest

Intentional or natural: Viewpoint behind fires in Amazon rainforest

When environmentalists at Norvergence were curating this research, or even now when you are reading it, the Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate.

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