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wind farm

Creecy upholds appeal against West Coast wind farm

It is back to the drawing board for a giant new wind farm project on the West Coast, following an appeal decision by environment minister Barbara Creecy, writes environmental reporter John Yeld for GroundUp
emergency power supplier Karpowership

Government says no to Turkish emergency power ships

The SA Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries has revoked a directive granted to Turkish company Karpowership for activities linked to emergency generation of electricity.
G20 countries: Stimulus packages support legacy energy systems

Environmentalists contest the amendment of air pollution standards in court

Environmental justice group, groundWork, is challenging the amendment of air pollution standards through a court application.

Liberia: Work resumes on Monrovia-Bomi Corridor Project

The Liberia Electricity Corporation announced that work on Monrovia-Bomi Corridor project has resumed after the execution of ESIA.

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