solar cells

Exploring productive use of energy in Niger

German university TH Köln is setting up a solar energy system at a school in the Dossa region of Niger to demonstrate how the productive use of power can strengthen rural economies.
Standard Bank partnership closes sustainability-linked loan

Prize funding earmarked for tech-based social entrepreneurs

Enel Foundation is stepping up its support to MIT's search for incredible tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world.
steel industry

Entrepreneurship can revitalise South Africa’s steel industry

Bridging the gap in the South African steel industry requires essential short-term interventions geared towards entrepreneurial empowerment.
gender bond

CDC Group boosts Africa-focused private equity funds with $400m

CDC Group will provide $400m to African banks with greater liquidity to support SMEs, entrepreneurs and microbusinesses in their regions.
trade pact

UK intends to keep trading with Southern Africa after Brexit

The UK has initialled an economic partnership agreement with the Southern African Customs Union and Mozambique that will allow business to keep trading freely after Brexit.

Elumelu dares Japan to invest more in Africa

African investor Tony O. Elumelu has challenged Japan to invest 5% of its $50 billion commitment to Africa in empowering African entrepreneurs.
Eskom Contractor Academy

Eskom Contractor Academy equips entrepreneurs within the energy space

The Eskom Contractor Academy recognises 14 budding entrepreneurs for having completed a gruelling academic programme in Cape Town.

Rwanda: Community in search for solar energy innovation

Impact Hub Kigali has launched a nationwide search for innovation in solar energy, aimed at identifying a company or individual with the most innovative...

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