energy transition

Tools to help the utility business model adapt to the energy...

As more countries work toward transitioning to a cleaner and more flexible grid, there is an increasing need for a clear set of utility business model tools and regulatory pathways.

Golden age for Africa’s national and regional energy transition

This article, which first appeared in the Africa Energy Yearbook 2020, explores regional energy transition and provides case studies.

Powering Africa’s energy transition will take collective effort

Economic Commission for Africa Executive Secretary Vera Songwe says Africa’s main issue is not energy transition, but energy substitution.
hydrogen offshore wind

New task force to drive global floating offshore wind growth

The Global Wind Energy Council announced the formation of a Floating Offshore Wind Task Force to drive the global growth of floating offshore wind.
freight industry

New coalition to drive energy transition in transport and logistics

Eleven international groups have joined forces to form an international coalition open to accelerate the energy transition in transport and logistics.
ministerial recommendations

Key recommendations from the June Africa ministerial roundtable

African Ministerial Roundtable participants stressed a number of recommendations, which will help guide and inform the IEA’s increasing efforts in Africa.
Ministerial Roundtable

Ministerial Roundtable: Energy’s vital role in response to crises

The chair of the African Ministerial Roundtable summarises the discussion that took place via videoconference with high level global attendees.

BNEF: India is leading the planet’s clean power revolution

BNEF have released a new white paper detailing how India has become the world’s largest and most competitive clean energy auction market.
Battery market

Op-Ed: How a battery passport can foster transition to net zero...

Battery storage can boost commitments by governments and businesses across the world to net zero and sustainability strategies.

Collaborative policymaking will advance impact of renewable power

Growth in renewable power has been impressive over the past five years, however, too little is happening in the heating, cooling and transport sectors.

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