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Shining the spotlight on the success of India’s energy policies

A new report lauds India’s energy policies, highlighting that the South Asian country has avoided 15% of additional energy demand.
Energy transition

Roadmap to ease energy transition over the next decade

Rocky Mountain Institute has published a new report which looks at the most critical areas hindering the energy transition.
C&I solar power

The power of embedded generation in the C&I market

Small scale embedded generation makes financial sense for C&I sectors however, procurement requirements for of the systems are a challenge for this market.

Renewable energy output: UK vs Southern Africa

Data reveals that renewables only account for 11% of the UK’s final consumption - far from the 2020 target of 20%

Enel Foundation organises energy policy roundtable in Morocco

Enel Foundation and the Harvard Environmental Economics Programme organised a round-table in Marrakech to discuss energy policy for future energy demand.

Nuclear a viable part of global energy transition says S&P report

Nuclear power generation should remain a part of the global energy mix despite challenges related to safety other concerns, says the S&P report.

New deals to foster R&D of next-generation tech

ExxonMobil has signed deals with Indian Institutes of Technology in Madras and Bombay on research and development of lower-emissions energy technologies.

DHL and Total strengthen cooperation on business sustainability

DHL Group and Total have strengthened their partnership on sustainable mobility, low-carbon energy solutions, logistics and transport services.
Embedded generation

Op-Ed: Embedded energy generation can boost SA’s power supply

Embedded energy generation can provide sustainable and affordable energy at the point of demand for clients across all sectors of the South African economy.

The US and Egypt enhance cooperation on energy

Egypt and the US have launched the US-Egypt Strategic Energy dialogue to facilitate closer government and private sector cooperation on energy

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