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Small island states share plans to accelerate energy transition

The Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States and IRENA, co-hosted a Dialogue on accelerating energy transition post pandemic recovery.
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A flexible energy system could aid the UK achieve net zero...

A new study will explore the potential for an integrated and flexible energy system to reduce the cost of reaching the UK’s net zero economy goal by 2050.

Cape Town makes a case before High Court for electricity generation

The City of Cape Town seeks to develop its own clean electricity capacity without requiring the national energy minister’s permission.

Virtual AUW highlights: Energy transition

Day two of the Virtual AUW webinar session focused on the energy transition in light of the financial havoc created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 will thwart the energy transition without urgent stakeholder action

The coronavirus risks cancelling out recent progress in transitioning to clean energy, with unprecedented falls in demand, price volatility and pressure to quickly mitigate socioeconomic costs.
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Clean energy technologies will require more minerals, says report

A World Bank report looks at clean energy transition and provides a data-driven tool for understanding how this shift will impact future mineral demand.
energy transition

WEC: The knowns and unknowns of the global energy transition

Despite the increasingly clear benefits of clean energy systems, the pace of the global transition away from fossil fuel systems is still not clear.
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Evaluating the impact of Covid-19 on clean economy

According to the latest data released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, COVID-19 will slow down the global growth of the clean economy.

Civil society leaders call for nuclear representation at COP26

In a roundtable discussion, global civil society leaders called for the inclusion of nuclear in pursuit of clean energy options.

Students tell all about Open Africa Power 2020 experience

Three students that participated in Enel Foundation's Open Africa Power 2020 programme, give their impression of the programme.

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