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Nuclear energy

Study confirms nuclear capacity essential to energy security

New nuclear build enhances system-level energy security, increases the resilience of the electricity grid and helps to reduce dependency on energy imports states a report by the New Nuclear Watch Institute.
Investments in renewables need to triple in order to scale capacity

Webinar 7 July: Embedded generation in future electricity systems of the global south

This discussion covers the various perspectives – geographic, policy, economic and technological while exploring whether embedded generation would provide a much-needed solution to environmentally sustainable electricity systems.
embedded generation

SAPVIA fully embraces embedded generation threshold increase

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) has endorsed last week’s announcement by the South African president to raise the licensing threshold for embedded generation plants to 100MW.

TCN to add 4,000MW to Nigerian national grid

“Management is also making such efforts in the mainstream TCN, which has enabled the company to successfully transmit successive all-time generation peaks achieved in the power sector, the latest being 5,801MW,” said TCN's acting MD.
A short guide to South Africa's energy sector for consumers

Stakeholders meet to discuss the security of energy supply

The South African government met with key stakeholders to discuss the various factors needing resolution including the security of energy supply.
energy transition

IEA reports looks into energy transitions in G20 countries

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a set of reports on energy transitions in G20 countries, describing progress and challenges along the path towards modernising and diversifying their economies, while improving energy security. The...

Tunisia to boost its economy and shift to green energy

The World Bank recently announced a new $500 million operation to support key reforms in Tunisia aimed at promoting private investment and creating opportunities for small businesses, while protecting vulnerable households and increasing energy...

Africa’s ‘Energy Trilemma’

In order to effectively address the ‘Energy Trilemma’ – security, equity, and access – flexible and robust policies, that provide clear guidelines, are necessary to facilitate a sustainable energy market across the continent, says...