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Sudan: Unlocking renewable energy to expand energy access

The United Nations Development Programme has released a roadmap to unlock the potential of Sudan’s renewable energy and expand energy access.

SEforALL releases new research findings-‘Energy Safety Nets’

SE4ALL released new research findings this week noting that national governments are uniquely positioned to target and support disadvantaged populations most in need of energy services by providing safety nets for those living in energy poverty.
2021 Ashden Awards promotes innovation in the energy sector

Reducing energy poverty through education

Energy fuels the engine of the modern world and has the power to bring billions more out of abject poverty via educational programmes.

Book titled Empowering Africa unveiled, aimed at enabling energy access

Enel Foundation in partnership with Istituto Affari Internazionali and Policy Center for the New South have launched a book titled Empowering Africa.
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Electricity – you can’t fight poverty without it

The Economist published a story entitled Electricity does not change poor lives as much as was thought and it does little to improve their lives.
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South Africa focuses efforts on project investment

At the recent JODI, Energy Minister Jeff Radebe said that the country is working to attract investments into projects throughout the county.
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Off-grid solution providers to tackle energy poverty in Southern Africa

Next generation utility, BBOXX, has partnered with an off-grid provider, DC Go to tackle energy poverty in Southern Africa. Through this partnership, the companies will...

Africa’s ‘Energy Trilemma’

In order to effectively address the ‘Energy Trilemma’ – security, equity, and access – flexible and robust policies, that provide clear guidelines, are necessary...

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