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New hub launched to boost cooperation for energy efficiency

The IEA has launched a new platform through which 16 governments will cooperate to achieve energy efficiency.
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A practitioner’s guide: Energy efficiency behavioural change

This paper shows the role that behavioural sciences can play in promoting energy efficiency, and provide guidance on how to integrate behaviour change approaches into projects.
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Section 12L Energy Efficiency tax incentive applications on the rise

The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) reports that from March to May 2020 applications for 12L Energy Efficiency more than doubled.
energy efficiency technical expert

Global commission to examine progress on energy efficiency

The IEA has established a global commission to examine how progress on energy efficiency can be rapidly accelerated through new and stronger policy action.
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Egypt to share energy practices with EAPP countries

Energy minister Mohamed Shaker, has affirmed Egypt’s commitment to working with EAPP countries in advancing their goals in the energy sector.

Viable reasons to modernise your energy management systems

The energy-intensive user market stands to optimise assets when deploying energy management systems via digital technologies.

BRICS meeting underway, tackling energy efficiency and conservation

The Government of South Africa through the Department of Energy (DoE) is hosting a BRICS working group meeting on energy efficiency and conservation this week in Johannesburg. Chaired by the Minister of Energy, Jeff...
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Synergies between energy efficiency policies and economic growth

A new report issued by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Tuesday, indicates that ambitious energy efficiency policies can keep global energy demand and energy-related carbon-dioxide (CO₂) emissions steady until 2050. Perspectives for the Energy...