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Kenya progressing steadily on nuclear infrastructure plans

The International Atomic Energy Agency says Kenya has made progress in implementing their recommendations from an earlier IAEA nuclear infrastructure review mission.
India transport traffic jam

India to see world’s largest energy demand increase in next 20 years

The ability of India to ensure affordable, clean and reliable energy for its growing population will be vital for the future development of its economy.

Global electricity demand growth set to slow down in 2021

After experience its biggest decline in decades, global electricity demand is expected to rebound modestly in 2021.
solar power australia

Solar meets South Australia’s total energy demand for first time

Australia hit a renewable energy milestone early in October when solar power provided 100% of South Australia’s energy needs for a whole hour.

Eskom goes back to televised Power Alerts

Eskom has relaunched the televised Power Alert initiative, which informs the public of the real-time status of the national electricity network.
Eskom to resume construction of Ariadne-Venus 400kV line

Nigeria’s grid is set for a make-over to boost capacity

Siemens’ pre-engineering contract to expand Nigeria’s grid capacity to 25,000MW has been approved.
LED streetlights

India to save big from 1 million LED streetlights installed

India has installed 1 million smart LED streetlights as part of the country’s energy efficiency and smart city initiatives.

New deal signed to improve low-carbon energy supply in Ethiopia

Gaia has signed an agreement with 4R Energy to accelerate biomethane production and use to increase security of energy supply in Ethiopia.
ECOWAS Regional Electricity Access Project

Mozambique secures $420m grants for transmission upgrades

The World Bank Group has approved $420 million in grants to strengthen Mozambique’s energy transmission system.

Africa’s ‘Energy Trilemma’

In order to effectively address the ‘Energy Trilemma’ – security, equity, and access – flexible and robust policies, that provide clear guidelines, are necessary to facilitate a sustainable energy market across the continent, says...