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Energy access crowdfunding and P2P lending shows excellent growth

Energy 4 Impact launched their final paper in a series of five reports from its Crowd Power programme on energy access related crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.
2021 Ashden Awards promotes innovation in the energy sector

Op-Ed: Africa’s high-tech path to energy inclusion

Digital technologies are helping sub-Saharan African countries tap new sources of capital as they seek ways to close the energy access gap, writes Ben Good, CEO of Energy 4 Impact.

Energy access initiative kicks off in Kenya

In a bid to increase energy access for the poorest, the 20-month pilot will test new approaches for linking cash transfer beneficiaries with...
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Report finds connection between investment and personal values

Energy 4 Impact, a non-profit organisation, has released a first of a kind report profiling those that are funding energy access-related crowdfunding campaigns and...

Top 10 break into cold chain market through UK Aid-funded initiative

Ten international start-ups have been awarded for bringing innovation into the cold chain market, which will ultimately improve economic outcomes for various regions and...
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Energy 4 Impact, a trailblazer for mini-grid development and ownership

Energy 4 Impact is pursuing a new approach that involves community members in the development and operation of mini-grids in Rwanda. Under the Sida-funded...

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