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Op-Ed: Electricity is an essential service during COVID-19 crisis

Electricity is an essential service, yet its profile in the context of the COVID-19 global health emergency has been well below that of others.

Business model at a crossroads: Which way do African utilities turn?

Full deployment of smart grid technology benefits will far outweigh the rollout costs for energy utilities, who find their business model at a crossroads.

Lack of access to EV charging points deters prospective buyers

UK drivers are deterred from switching to EVs because they do not have access to EV charging points at home, a new report has found.
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Ikeja Electric plans to refund its customers for pre-paid meters

Ikeja Electric says it is designing a proposal to refund its customers for pre-paid meters procured under the ongoing Meter Assets Provider scheme.
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DEWA achieves new world record in customer electricity services

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has achieved a new world record in electricity Customer Minutes Lost (CML) per year.
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Nigerian C&I market lands its first SunFunder facility

SunFunder announced its first disbursement in Nigeria, part of a facility of up to $4 million with C&I solar developer, Daystar Power.

How to appreciate the impact of the 4IR on customer service

4IR - driven by digital technology, has the ability to integrate biological, physical and digital elements to enable faster decision-making.

Renewables spark growth of temporary power market

The temporary power market is expected to realise over 6% CAGR through 2026, and renewable energy resources is a key influencing factor.
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Op-Ed: Africa’s Free Trade Agreement, a game-changer?

At a time when the US and UK are turning their backs to free trade Africa's new free trade agreement (AfCFTA) is gathering momentum writes Terje Osmundsen.

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