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Opibus secures SSA’s largest-ever fundraise in electric mobility

Mobility startups are earning their keep and making their rounds at the Glasgow COP26. Opibus, a sub-Saharan African electric vehicle manufacturer, recently announced their $7.5 million funding led by Silicon Valley fund At One...

De-risking measures to attract financing to achieve SDGs

To achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing and emerging economies, there needs to be a substantial increase in funding flowing to these areas. The risk many, especially the private sector, associate with investing in emerging markets acts as a hindrance to this.

Accelerating growth in emerging markets

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION In Kenya, the industrial sector, a key driver for economic growth and development, has an exciting opportunity to reduce emissions, cut costs and improve outputs to remain competitive. After independent feasibility and viability...
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Will $100bn green finance annually for emerging economies happen?

Martijn Proos, director of Ninety One, managers of Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, writes on project finance for infrastructure in emerging economies being one of the central issues of the upcoming COP26 agenda.
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Emerging markets and leapfrogging into renewables as fossil fuels plateau

India’s Council on Energy, Environment and Water and the financial think tank Carbon Tracker published the Reach for the Sun report, stating that fossil fuel electricity generation has peaked worldwide as emerging markets seize the opportunities of low-cost renewables.

Distributed renewable energy platform launched by leading foundations

The IKEA Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation have announced a $1 billion joint venture that aims to reduce 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions and improve 1 billion lives with distributed renewable energy (DRE). The initiative will be operated through a new global platform, launching in 2021
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Emerging and developing nations need help to fund energy transition

A new report from the International Energy Agency into financing clean energy transitions in emerging and developing economies posits the world’s energy and climate futures are increasingly hinged on whether these economies manage that transition successfully.
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Emerging markets becoming focus of global smart meters deployment

A new report released by research firm Northeast Group states that emerging market countries will deploy 148 million smart meters over the next five years. In addition to the advanced meters, these countries are expected...
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Supporting renewable projects in emerging markets is key, says new study

Global sustainable energy consultancy, K2 Management in partnership with specialist insurance broker and risk consultant, JLT Speciality, launched a report titled "Pre-construction projects: The battle to reduce uncertainty and improve business case bankability," in emerging...