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2,000MW power projects do not make a dent in Nigeria power problem

Approved power projects in Nigeria do not make a dent in power problem

A recent review shows that 43 power projects approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) have not made a dent in alleviating Nigeria’s electricity crisis.
Nigeria: 40MW IPP to bring light and relief to Benin City

Nigeria: Community gains access to electricity after years of darkness

Ossiomo Power in Benin City, Edo State has commissioned a new 40MW independent power plant (IPP).
Zimbabwe: Zesa commits to delivering high quality services to citizens

Zimbabwe: Zesa commits to delivering high quality services to citizens

The approved flat rate across all electricity tariffs in Zimbabwe will allow Zesa to focus on expanding the grid and on maintenance. This will ensure high quality services are delivered to the citizens of Zimbabwe.
Solar energy in Nigeria has powerful impact on socioeconomic status

China and Nigeria join forces to light up rural Nigeria with clean energy

The Federal Government of Nigeria has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the People’s Republic of China on renewable clean energy. The project will boost electricity supply to rural parts of Nigeria.
Eskom hybrid warfare

Is South Africa’s Eskom the victim of hybrid warfare?

Hybrid warfare lives in the grey zone between peace and war. There is a growing trend where nation’s vulnerabilities are being targeted including the national power grid and its critical infrastructure. Some believe this to be the case when it comes to recent alleged sabotage at Eskom.
electricity grid

Grid challenges a massive obstacle to Africa’s access to energy

RES4Africa and PwC have released a new study Private Sector Participation in African Grid Development. The study identifies underfinancing, inefficiency and insufficient extension of electricity grids as the main obstacles to Africa’s access to energy.
KenGen hydropower

Kenya electricity supply and demand in an upward swing – KenGen

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has released a report stating that the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has exceeded expectations in the amount of electricity generated through its hydropower stations.

Sugarcane to help fill energy gap in Nigeria through $2M GEF funding

The federal government in Nigera will be expanding its bioenergy and biofuel potential through its Minigrids Based on Renewable Energy (biomass) to Augment Rural Electrification Project.

African climate plan needs to be cogniscant of African challenges

How can Africa avert a climate disaster through transitioning to cleaner energy without compromising the continent’s growth and poverty reduction?

Socio-economic conditions and renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe

Many countries in Africa view renewable energy as a game changer when it comes to access to electricity. This is especially true for Zimbabwe and its rural development. Ellen Fungisai Chipango explores how socio-economic conditions shape renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe.