electricity tariffs

Eskom RCA

Eskom RCA application: Utility presents its reasoning

The latest Eskom RCA will ensure "fairness for both the utility and electricity consumers" through the adjustment to future electricity tariffs.
municipal tariff hikes

South Africa: Recent municipal tariff hikes under scrutiny

The lack of public consultation on the recent electricity, refuse, waste and water tariff increases has caused widespread concern and received criticism.

Ghana to see water and electricity price hikes

Starting from the 1st of July, Ghanaians will see their electricity tariff climb by just over 11%, this is according to CNBC Africa.
electricity tariffs

In pursuit of robust electricity tariffs, NERC sets the rules

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has requested all the Discos to submit Performance Improvement Plans before granting new electricity tariffs.
energy sector

South Africa welcomes private sector’s help to alleviate power crisis

Government recognises the role that private sector can play to ease the current power crisis and shortfall that South Africa is facing.
electrical conduit pipe market

Mozambique introduces sharp electricity tariff increase

After five years, Electricity of Mozambique has announced a sharp tariff increase in four categories of low-voltage customers.
electricity tariffs

Ghanaians told to ignore speculation of 60% electricity tariff increase

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission urges Ghanaians to disregard the speculation of a 60% increase in electricity tariffs.
carbon tax bill

S.Africa: Mid-term budget speech rocks energy market

Free-market pricing and decentralise private grid operators are two bombshells from South Africa's finance minister's mid-term budget speech that could affect the electricity sector.
tariff hikes

Ethiopian government considers increasing electricity tariffs

Ethiopians have been enjoying low electricity tariffs for over a decade compared to their neighbouring countries in the east African region; however, that may...

Eskom pilots sales incentive for large power users

South African power utility Eskom has confirmed that it will be discussing efforts to stablise sales to electricity-intensive industries with nine large industrial customers. Initially, to...

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