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Eskom wins case to cut electricity supply to non-paying customers

Electricity costs: South Africa’s double-edged energy sword

South Africans can expect as much as a 15% increase in their electricity costs from mid-2021 but large-scale grid defection is not ideal.

Declining GDP hits unemployed and poor the hardest

South Africa’s overall gross domestic product is expected to decline between 5.1% and 7.9% this year and recover slowly for at least the next four years.
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Electricity tariff model in need of an overhaul says NERSA

NERSA to decide on an overhaul of the electricity tariff methodology, which could follow a similar formula to the one used to set petrol prices.
Op-ed: Ted Blom on where Eskom tariffs are heading

Mozambique: EDM cuts electricity tariffs as part of COVID-19 relief

Government of Mozambique has directed the power utility EDM to cut electricity tariffs for this year as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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OUTA warns: Electricity prices to go up even more than expected

The amount approved by NERSA translates to an additional 3% per annum increase on electricity prices on top of the 9% per year already approved last year.
Op-ed: Ted Blom on where Eskom tariffs are heading

Eskom intensifies efforts to distribute free basic electricity

The initiative aims to provide limited free basic electricity to indigent households and is reignited to alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown.
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Eskom RCA application: Utility presents its reasoning

The latest Eskom RCA will ensure "fairness for both the utility and electricity consumers" through the adjustment to future electricity tariffs.
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South Africa: Recent municipal tariff hikes under scrutiny

The lack of public consultation on the recent electricity, refuse, waste and water tariff increases has caused widespread concern and received criticism.

Ghana to see water and electricity price hikes

Starting from the 1st of July, Ghanaians will see their electricity tariff climb by just over 11%, this is according to CNBC Africa.
electricity tariffs

In pursuit of robust electricity tariffs, NERC sets the rules

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has requested all the Discos to submit Performance Improvement Plans before granting new electricity tariffs.

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