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Eskom wins summary judgement for unpaid bulk electricity bill

The R1.3 billion summary judgement against Emfuleni Local Municiplaity provides Eskom with several options to recover the debt owed to the power utility.

Power generation capacity of Nigerian food company to be modernised

Flour Mills Nigeria, Nigeria’s oldest and largest food and agro-allied company, has set out to modernise, extend and improve power generation for their captive power plant.
100MW threshold

Op-ed: South Africa’s 100MW threshold has rhinos in the room

Discussion around the 100MW threshold predominately centres on whether private producers should be allowed into the market, as if it is merely a market-share issue. But there is much more to the story than is being revealed.

Municipal Energy Resilience progresses steadily in Western Cape

The six municipalities that will participate in the Municipal Energy Resilience Project in the Western Cape have now all signed the Memorandums of Understanding.
Generation South Africa

OUTA calls for immediate publication of the 100MW threshold limit

More than a month ago, on 10 June, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa lifted the limit for generation for companies without the need for a licence from 1MW to 100MW. Industry stakeholders are now waiting for the next step in the process, an announcement is simply not enough. People are asking, how long does it take to write the 100MW generation notice?
transmission line

NDPHC commences work on 33kV power line to electrify community

The Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) has commenced work on a new 15-kilometer 33kV line to restore power supply to a community in Nigeria that has been without electricity for a decade.

World Bank approves $40 million to support key reforms in Liberia

The World Bank Group has approved the second in a series of three single-tranche Inclusive Growth Development Policy Operations (IGDPO) to support and enable inclusive growth, development and reforms in Liberia.

SAWEA welcomes threshold increase and moves to an open electricity market

The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA), has welcomed the announcement by President Ramaphosa to lift the threshold for companies to produce their own electricity without a licence to 100MW.
Oghosa Erhahon women in energy

OGHOSA ERHAHON: Less funding, no problem! Just be prepared

We caught up with Nigerian-based Oghosa Erhahon to find out more about her belief in volunteering, the meaning of digitalisation. and changes in funding the African energy and power market in the years ahead.

Ramaphosa on Eskom: We are making progress

In his weekly, ‘From the desk of the President’, President Cyril Ramaphosa commented on the strides being taken by the national utility, Eskom. Ramaphosa highlighted the work being done by the state utility to improve operational performance and new generation capacity