Electricity distribution

renewable energy intermittency

Ed’s note: Is renewable energy breaking the electricity network?

The intermittency factor of renewable energy does affect the stability of the electricity network but as generation capacity is needed what is the alternative?
free basic electricity

Commentary: The state of free basic electricity in South Africa

A new report reveals that in the 2019/20 financial year, some R9-billion budgeted and disbursed by National Treasury to local government for the provision of free basic electricity has been misappropriated by municipalities.
non-technical losses

Perspective on non-technical losses from Enel Foundation

The distribution of electricity implies a certain amount of loss of power that could be classified into technical and non-technical losses (NTL), with the latter...
South African energy market

MIGA extends guarantees in Lebanon

MIGA has extended its guarantees in support of the ongoing upgrade of an electricity distribution network in northern Lebanon.

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