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UCT GSB professor joins global initiative to end energy poverty

A new Global Commission to End Energy Poverty will draw on the combined expertise of energy experts around the world to accelerate the UN's goal of universal electricity access by 2030.
Zambian households

The theory of energy justice as a viable analytical tool

It is fairly uncontroversial to say that Africa needs electricity. The policy generally adopted is therefore to build new power stations as fast as possible given limited resources; resources that often do not encompass...

Kenya leads East Africa peers in electricity access

The electricity access rate in Kenya is the highest in East Africa according to the latest report from the World Bank tracking global achievements in sustainable energy for all. Kenya Power noted in a statement,...

Kenya earmarks $149m for electricity access initiative

The Kenyan government is set to spend Sh15 billion ($149 million) to rollout a countrywide electricity connection through the Last Mile Connectivity project. Energy cabinet secretary, Charles Keter, who was speaking at ACK St Joseph...