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10,000 vulnerable families in Rwanda to get solar energy

10,000 vulnerable families in Rwanda to get solar energy

The Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) has launched their #canachallenge which will see 10,000 families be provided with solar home systems.
CLSG transmission line - Sierra Leone

CLSG transmission line brings energy to Sierra Leone

President of Sierra Leone, Dr Julius Maada Bio has switched on the CLSG Electricity Interconnection line at Teloma.

Socio-economic conditions and renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe

Many countries in Africa view renewable energy as a game changer when it comes to access to electricity. This is especially true for Zimbabwe and its rural development. Ellen Fungisai Chipango explores how socio-economic conditions shape renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe.
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New partnership to support solar energy in the Sahel

GreenYellow has partnered with MIGA, a member of the World Bank Group, to construct, operate and maintain a 30MWp solar energy facility and mobilise private capital to the underserved Sahel region.
Last-mile connectivity Uganda

Uganda launches last-mile connectivity to increase electricity access

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development recently handed over electricity connection accessories to Uganda’s main power distribution company, UMEME Limited for last-mile connectivity of 87,500 rural households to affordable electricity.

Financing coal power projects in sub-Saharan Africa goes against net-zero goals

Research highlights that pockets of funders continue to finance additional coal-fired generation capacity in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. $42 billion was committed to grid-connected coal power plants between 2013-2019 in the 18 countries studied.

MyJouleBox secures funding to accelerate renewable needs in Benin

EDFI ElectriFI has invested a total of $2 million split (under the Benin Country Window funded by the European Union) for $600,000 into equity alongside Gaia Impact Fund and for $1.4 million into convertible notes together with Triodos Investment Management.
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Emerging markets and leapfrogging into renewables as fossil fuels plateau

India’s Council on Energy, Environment and Water and the financial think tank Carbon Tracker published the Reach for the Sun report, stating that fossil fuel electricity generation has peaked worldwide as emerging markets seize the opportunities of low-cost renewables.
South Africa generation

Legal experts weigh in on South Africa’s energy future

Legal experts warn much will depend on new regulations due by 10 August 2021 but are cautiously optimistic about the country’s future after the South African President’s 100MW announcement.

Commentary: Empowering youth with access to electricity in SA

June is Youth Month in South Africa and this year the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) is reflecting on the importance for access to energy for all South Africans. SANEDI Interim CEO, Lethabo Manamela writes on the challenges the youth of today face in accessing electricity and its ripple effects.