Electric Vehicles

Renewables powering the mining sector

WATCH the short Morning Coffee with ESI Africa video clip as we draw attention to how the mining sector is adopting clean energy technologies.
energy storage market

Electric mobility applications to drive energy storage market

The total energy storage market is expected to grow to $546 billion in annual revenue by 2035, according to a report released by Lux Research.
electric vehicles

New kid on South African roads could have been a contender

In this article we explore why there is a low percentage of EVs on South African roads, even though they have could effectively reduce CO2 emissions.

What’s putting the brakes on EV adoption in South Africa?

This article unpacks a discussion on 'The race to capture the EV market in South Africa', where four experts spoke on how to unlock local market potential.

Analysing the role of batteries and rise of EVs in decarbonising...

Batteries are set to play a critical role in delivering a low-carbon future due to the role they will play in transforming the future of transportation.

Mining company to power its mining trucks with hydrogen

Mining company Anglo American is working with ENGIE and Williams Advanced Engineering to modify its fleet of mining trucks to make them hydrogen-powered.
electric vehicle charging

Enel Foundation joins the Smarter Mobility Events 2020

The Enel Foundation and Generation.e have joined the Smarter Mobility Events 2020 as Global Knowledge Partners, with the first event in Dubai in March.

Webinar recording: Plugging the problem: Addressing some misconceptions on EVs

Download the recording of this webinar and you will gain insights on the technical aspects of how EVs operate.
sustainable mobility

Rwandan sustainable mobility providers get global recognition

Rwandan sustainable mobility providers, RURA and Ampersand have been nominated for the 2020 Ashden Awards, for their climate action solutions.
Energy access

How to achieve universal energy access with electric motorcycles

Coordinator for Power Africa, Andrew M. Herscowitz, writes about the feasibility of achieving universal energy access with electric motorcycles.

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