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Battery market

Battery market will be worth $116bn by 2030, says BNEF

According to BNEF, by 2030 the battery market will be worth $116 billion annually, and "this doesn’t include investment in the supply chain".
Electric vehicles. Electric heaters

HV electric heaters market thrust forward by electric vehicle growth

Electric vehicles produce a very low quantity of waste heat necessitating the need for high voltage electric heaters as a prime source of heating in EVs.

How e-mobility technology is changing island living

In this exclusive interview, Abishek Bhardwaj, the CTO at Equatorial Power, notes that e-mobility is a pressing global concern.

DEWA extends free charging incentive for EV drivers

DEWA has announced the extension of free charging incentive for registered non-commercial users, to run until 31 December 2021.

Webinar recording: What is South Africa’s position in the electric vehicle...

Download this recording to gain more insights into South Africa’s current electric vehicle status and what the future holds for this market.

Winners of Africa’s first smart mobility competition announced

Bosch Africa Mobility Solutions has announced the winners of its smart mobility accelerator programme. From the 11 startups that were shortlisted from...

Portuguese firm commits to decarbonisation of the economy

Efacec has taken steps to strengthen its sustainability strategy and its participation in decarbonising the economy by joining two global sustainability pledges.

Africa commits to batteries development, particularly lithium-ion

The MegaMillion Energy Company announced the launch of Africa's first lithium-ion mega-factory at the 2019 Batteries and Electric Vehicles Conference.
EV charging stations

Three major South African airports unveil EV charging stations

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) in partnership with BMW SA unveiled EV charging stations across three of ACSA’s airports in the country.

ABB expands footprint in the Chinese e-mobility market

ABB is set to acquire a 67% stake in Shanghai Chargedot New Energy Technology (Chargedot), a leading Chinese e-mobility solution provider.

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