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EV insurance could beat the conventional vehicle premiums

Current estimates put the number of electric or hybrid-electric cars on South Africa’s roads at between 1,000 or 1,500, having doubled in the last year.

Webinar recording: What is South Africa’s position in the electric vehicle...

Download this recording to gain more insights into South Africa’s current electric vehicle status and what the future holds for this market.
EV batteries

Botswana, producer of metals required for EV batteries

Botswana has joined an initiative that supports the discovery and development of mineral reserves of strategic metals used to make EV batteries.
Nissan LEAF electric vehicle

Rethinking smart mobility in Africa

Smart mobility, already adopted by major cities globally, is on the emerging markets’ investment agenda for their transportation infrastructure.

Get ready for the electric vehicle market takeover

Imagine the boardroom discussions underway at major car manufacturers as they make decisions on investing in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Gauging the certainty of lithium batteries amid the rise of EVs

It is certain that lithium batteries will be dominant over the coming decade and their chemistry will change in pursuit of reduction in cost.
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New battery technology to charge EVs 100 times faster than superchargers

A new carbon-ion battery technology, developed by ZapGo Ltd, is expected to charge an electric vehicle 100 times faster than existing battery technologies.

EVs pave the road to reduced carbon emissions

Ed's note: As of 2018, the global EV fleet exceeded 5.1 million and over 2.8 million EVs are expected to be sold this year alone. How many of these vehicles have you seen on the road?

Second-life for electric vehicle batteries

Volkswagen announced its ambitious target to build a million EVs by 2025 and has already got a plan for their used EV batteries.

IRENA highlights solutions that will transform the power sector

AI and big data, IoT and batteries are innovative solutions that will amplify the transformation of the power sector based on renewables, says IRENA.

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