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Charging kiosks at fuel stations will boost EV uptake in India

The government of India has announced plans to install electric vehicle (EV) charging kiosks at around 69,000 petrol pumps across the country.

Copper to drive global EV market growth, recording 7.4% by 2030

Research on e-mobility reveals that copper is poised to play an instrumental role in the charging infrastructure, energy storage, and production of EVs.

Green recovery to work in favour of global EV adoption

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are expected to reach 45 million units per year by 2040, with a total global EV stock of 323 million.
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Turbocharging the expansion of the Spanish EV charging grid

The European Investment Bank EIB and Endesa are collaborating to expand electric mobility in Spain.
electric vehicle charging

HOMER Grid Software now models electric vehicle charging stations

A recent software update can now model how hybrid systems power electric vehicle charging stations and design RE and storage systems.

Seychelles plans to pilot two electric buses in 2021

Seychelles plans to conduct a pilot study in 2021 with electric buses to test whether they work well as a mode of public transportation.

Update on the state of battery electric vehicles

Automakers are now focusing on making profitable battery electric vehicles while addressing consumer pain points related to charging, speed and range.

Webinar recording: Counting on copper: Renewable energy and EV boom drive...

Join ESI Africa, Mining Review Africa and DRC Mining Week as we unpack the importance of copper as a raw material in the global move toward greener energy and transportation.

COVID-19 sets back EV sales by 10 years, states report

EV sales are forecast to fall 18% in 2020, to 1.7 million worldwide – with the coronavirus crisis interrupting ten successive years of strong growth.
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EVs, storage are the top non-generation options for G20 investors

A new research report has found electric vehicles and battery storage to be the topinon-power generation technologies that senior business leaders from across the G20 have invested in or are committed to investing in.

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