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EEP Africa Knowledge week

EEP Africa Knowledge Week 2021 – programme & speakers

EEP Africa Knowledge Week 22-25 November is a series of online events that look at evolving themes and innovative projects in the clean energy sector in Africa.
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EEP Africa launches latest portfolio of clean energy investment

EEP Africa has launched a new cohort of 26 clean energy projects which promote productive use of energy and circular economy.
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EEP Africa expanded work in 2020 as investment into Africa slowed

While global economies slowed down and foreign direct investment in Africa decreased during 2020, EEP Africa expanded their active portfolio.
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Clean transportation needs smart grids

The number of electric vehicles in Africa has the potential to increase significantly by 2030. The challenge, however, is in charging infrastructure, powered by renewable grid-tied or off-grid solutions, keeping pace with market interest.
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Productive use of energy: Enhancing green growth

EEP Africa outlines, through various business models, that for energy access to stimulate economic development, it needs to be combined with efforts to develop productive use and income generation opportunities in rural communities.
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EEP Africa funding for two SA productive use of energy projects

Two South African projects are part of EEP Africa’s 2020 finance call focused on productive use of energy and circular economy.
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Uganda: E-mobility on a pay as you go model to boost sector

E-mobility star-up Zembo is trying to create a new market for e-mobility in Ugandan capital Kampala with a lease-to-own business model for electric motorcycles.

COVID-proofing early-stage clean energy companies

EEP Africa has recently published a set of early lessons learned experienced through the current COVID-19 pandemic on how clean energy start-ups can "COVID-proof" their businesses.
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EEP Africa: grant financing for early-stage clean power projects

EEP Africa has opened a call for proposals aimed at applicants in need of grant financing to implement innovative early-stage clean energy projects in Southern and East Africa.

EEP Africa: Enormous interest in project support

EEP Africa: support mechanism assisting project developers in very early stage. Interview with Wim Jonker Klunne, Lead Coordinator at EEP Africa.